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Ponderings of an Ironically Melancholy Adolescent

Watch me as I go off on a tangent...




September 15th, 2006

My Funny Valentine

You're my funny valentine,
Sweet comic valentine,
You make me smile with my heart.
Your looks are laughable, un-photographable,
Yet, you're my favorite work of art.

Is your figure less than greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you smart?
But, dont change a hair for me.
Not if you care for me.


July 23rd, 2006


WELL, if no-one else is gonna update their LJ, I might as well set a good example... *looks smug*


Next time we go back to school I'll be year nine! *facepalm* That's totally insane. No way have I been here two years already. God...

Yesterday was Rab n Roses wedding, which was so cool. I went into town afterwards to meet my friends. That wasn't so cool. I ended up running down the high street in my wedding clothes (which were WHITE and had gone SEE THROUGH by the way), having to avoid raw sewage cos I was barefoot... ugh! I also managed to get a gash in my foot somehow. It's not big but it's DEEP and hurts like hell.

So, anyway, I'm gonna go now
Love, L

July 18th, 2006


Have you ever had that feeling
That you have to be distracted all the time
Cos you know that if you think of one particular thing
That you'll be so messed up
That you won't be able to think straight for the tears?

Yeah. Yeah, that's what this feels like.

July 15th, 2006

Update, yaysh!

Wednesday: The gig was great! Well, Cliche were. Everything else was a bit crap to be fair, especially Toxic Ambition, my GOD, brunette Frosties kid alert... and Connor's going out with Kay! Yeehaw!

Thursday: Sports day. Ugh. I went jogging in the morning to 'prepare'. I came 8th in the 1500m, I was about 4th until the last stretch when everyone OVERTOOK ME! I forgot to sprint, how stupid. We thwn skived off half of maths under a tree, which was very nice and cool and relaxing. I went to Ellie's house after, and we made a cake for Rosey because she is away in Sweden for 7 weeks. We went to the park to see Jack and Jamie and Poppy and Tom for a bit before going back to Millz's house to get changed. We then adjourned to a crappy public meeting which we only attended cos we got paid £15. Cat and Bea were there, and we got angry at the two stupid gay cyber club nerd geeks who kept contradicting what we said and PATRONIZING us! And the ugly fat women looking down their noses at us. (Note: One of the women was erving food at the school fete the next day. Eep!)

Friday: OMG, there's only one week left before the end of year 8!!! *dies* We did a bit of work in history/geography, but not much. We finally got Mr Baylis though- bit late sir! We won a match in interform rounders, I scored 2, YAY! But the next match I sat out with Harriet, Amy, Laura and Tami. We bitched about Emma. Mwahaha. Tami and Laura are really cool, I want them in our group. Miss Grigg (who has a massive scar on her head- at sports day a high jump pole collapsed on her) yelled at us for not watching and showing team spitit. I havn't laughed that hard in ages. At lunch Rob and Rosy (yes, that's YOU Rosy) humiliated me beyond belief. Ugh. I hate them... grrr! >=[ We skipped half of form time, under the SAME tree, before Adam came to retrieve us. I didn't win the presidential election in English. Oh well, the campaign was fun. =] The scool fate was cool, but I ate way too much. Me and Ellie and Bex and Amy went on the bouncy castle, it was so funny. I spent the whole night online cos my parents were asleep in front of the TV. Woop!

And today I am going dress shoping for a wedding! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Cya, ciao!
L xxxxx

July 12th, 2006


Lauren walks tentatively into a dark, dusty space... it is covered in cobwebs and dead insects... this place has surely been neglected for some time. What is this? , she thinks to herself, searching blindly for the lightswith. A bulb overhead flickers into life and the true horror is revealed.

"My God..."

It was her livejournal.


I've been neglecting my LJ so much recently, I figure I might as well just use this wonderful erin rocks like a fish *cough* thank you for that Erin... OPPURTUNITY (we're in a whole lesson just allowed on the computers instead of maths... heaven) to write in my wonderful online diary.

So, yes. Today Connor's coming round my house before the Dysons gig cos he asked me to do his hair (I offered him a manicure and facial too but he politely declined), and he can help me choose what to wear... as this gig will be packed with many, many hot Dysons guys, or so I hope. And I shall seduce them all! Mwahaha... OK, OK, I'm not exactly a seductress, but whatever. I can always try. Our lovely mates Lauren, Hannah, Kay and Ella will be performing there, so we're going to cheer them on.

Today's been really good. I woke up and it was sunny (always a good sign). Brian Turner was cooking faggots on Great Food Live, which made me giggle, and there were sultanas in my Special K. My MySpace is all prettiful after a long tweaking period last night. There's a new guy, called Dominic, who is tall, quiet, bleachy and EH. We have to get to him before the chavs do! I haven't done ANY work all day, and I am feeling very very good... yay. So, hopefully, this will keep up.

Cya soon m'darlins


June 29th, 2006

Ellie's amazing, reading over my shoulder, you all know the drill by now...

ahem. So, anyhoo, am writing in French as usual. I'm completely shattered cos I was up til 1AM reading Angels and Demons. The **** had a ***! *facepalm*

(I'm no plot spoiler.)

I have nothing today to look foward to, except maybe the Dreams Come True card I pulled for today. If my dreams are anything at all to go by, today I will either find out I'm adopted, meet the kid of Satan or see David Bowie naked.


gtg, don't wanna get caaaaaaaaaaaaught!

Mwah! xxxxxx

June 19th, 2006

(no subject)

Here you go Erin, promised I would. Here from RE (ooh, daring).

Yesterday was amazing- Da Vinci Code (again), sososososo many in-jokes... "Langdon, give me back my Piglet sticker and funny cigarettes!"

Weeeell.... Ellie and Jack Rule! ANd I will love them forever. Why is El always reading over my shoulder when I write these?

I'm confused over my love life atm... there's 2 things really messing me up, and I think both of them are hopeless cases. So I might as well just stay single for now. I like the confusion sometimes.

Later on we're doing a world cup play in assembly. I really really don't want to. I like my lunchtimes! Argh! El and Jon (love you) are coming to canteen with me so I'm not on my lonesome, despite the fact we're meant to be rehearsing. Oh well.

Rocky, your haircut needs an ASBO.

I'm becoming more nerdish by the day, I swear. I have about a million projects on the go, there's not enough hours in a day.

pretty curvy 13-year-old girl, brunette, seeks hot, intelligent, funny, kind, Scottish movie actor for romantic walks and wild flings. Anyone interested should contact Ellie at 0800-GETTING-DESPERATE.

Happy now El?

El: No way!

Agh, just got caught, gtg...

Lorena xxx

May 25th, 2006


Sorry for neglecting you! Well, anyway, I should probably fill you in on the details...

But I won't, cos there's a lot, and I'm writing this in French.

Not actually IN FRENCH though, that would just be silly.

Iay Referpay Igpay Atinlay Nywayaay.

I dunno what to put. I'm very happy for no reason,a nd I'm also ill.

btw, ELLIE ROCKS! You cannot get a better friend, I love her SO much, especially when she leans over my shoulder...

Agh! The bell!

L xxxxxx

May 10th, 2006

(no subject)

So, yes, the unveiling.

It's Rocky.

But you all knew that anyway, I'm so bloody obvious.

I love him, more than anything in the world. And not just in an 'Iwannabeyourgf' type of way. I've always totally idolised and looked up to him, because he's so much cooler than me.

But after a convo with C last night, he pointed out something I hadn't noticed; I'm his best friend. Apparently I'm the only person he's ever told anything to at all. And now I'm feel like I'm losing him.

Just recently, he's sucha different person. I don't like post-relationship Rocky. Specially when it means I come second. Cos that's what it is. I love G, but I know that if she wasn't there, I'd be with him. Maybe he'd love me.

There's a million and one reasons that came to me this week, stuff I hadn't seen before. When he held me like that, it felt... right. I felt safe, and special, and protected. I felt loved. Even though it meant zilch to him. I can't figure out why I like him, so much stuff he does annoys me like hell, but I do anyway. Because he's Rocky, and I don't need a reason. All I know is that everything he says is so 100% him, he's genuine like you wouldn't believe. But he's losing that now. Whenever I see him standing there I find myself pulled towards him, to reach out and hold him and never let go, because when he's not there it aches. And I try and find some kind of trigger, anything at all to change his mind. A bit like when I fell for C, it wasn't there one minute and was the next. I feel like if I could find that trigger I could maybe... make him see me in a different light.

But it won't happen for me.

L x

May 8th, 2006

Oh God.

I'm so screwed.

I have now totally annd utterly fallen for *****, and am now absolutely kicking myself.

I know he likes me now, he's told at least 3 of my guy mates, all of whom have come duly trotting back to me with the news.

But he also likes 2 of my other friends, as far as I know. Well, when I last checked he did. And trouble is, they both like him. And ANOTHER friend likes him too, though it's not returned on his part.

So there's the possibility he might not go for me anyway.

And then the possibility that if he does, I'll lose all my friends.


Love, L xxxxxxxxxxx
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